I am now a algorithm engineer at Tencent PCG focus on Search Ranking. I received the MA.Sc. degree in software engineering from Northeastern University in 2020 and the B.S. degree in computer science from Beijing University of Technology 2016. My research interests include data mining and machine learning. I focused on frontier research and technology transformation in Search Ranking , Semantic Retrieval and Information Retrieval.

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GMTL: A GART Based Multi-task Learning Model for Multi-Social-Temporal Prediction in Online Games. (CIKM 2019) (CCF Rank: B)

RePiDeM: A Refined POI Demand Modeling based on Multi-Source Data (INFOCOM 2020)(CCF Rank: A)

OptMatch: Optimaized Matchmaking via Modeling the High-Order interactions on the Arena (KDD2020 Oral)(CCF Rank: A)

CFFNN: Cross Feature Fusion Neural Network for Collaborative Filtering (IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2021)(CCF Rank: A)

======Education Experience

2012/09-2016/06 computer science Beijing University of Technology

2017/09-2020/01 software engineering Northeastern University

======Work Experience

2016/07-2017/07 Software Engineer Risk Controlling csljc

2019/03-2019/06 Algorithm Engineer Internship Weibo

2019/06-2019/09 Algorithm Researcher Internship NetEase

2020/01-2021/04 Algorithm Engineer Search Algorithm ChinaLiterature

2021/04-NOW Algorithm Engineer Search Algorithm Tencent PCG

======Academic Collaboration

We are looking for some academic cooperation on Search, Recommendation or NLP, please contact us if you are interested. We are committed to publishing Advanced work at top conferences such as KDD, ACL,AAAI.

======Contact with me

wechat ye18600537322

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